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Imina was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic. Apprenticed to Jedi Master Marspa, Imina accompanied him on a number of missions to exotic locales around the galaxy. On one such trip, the two were on Nal Hutta, a planet where slavery was practiced unchecked, and witnessed a number of brutal acts committed against those in bondage. However, Master Marspa did nothing to stop them. A short time later, on the planet of Ord Mantell, the two witnessed a shopkeeper attacking a servant. On this occasion, Marspa stepped in immediately to protect the servant.

Afterwards, Imina expressed confusion to Master Marspa. Why did he ignore the brutal actions going on Nal Hutta, but stepped in to protect the servant on Ord Mantell? Marspa explained that as an envoy of the Republic, he would be out of place to pass judgment on the Hutt culture. However, on Ord Mantell, such behavior was not tolerated, and thus he had a right to step in to protect the servant from harm. Adding to that however, Marspa stated that once the Republic decides to do something about the slavery being conducted in Hutt space, he would support the effort wholeheartedly.