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Marspa was a Jedi Master of the Old Republic. Together with his Padawan, Imina, the two journeyed the galaxy together conducting missions to spread peace and justice through the galaxy. Sometimes the missions were diplomatic, some were more dangerous. On a diplomatic mission to Nal Hutta, Marspa and Imina witnessed a number of vicious attacks against the slaves on Nal Hutta, a planet where slavery was practiced and condoned.

However, Marspa did nothing to help or protect the victims. However, on another mission to Ord Mantell, Marspa and Imina witnessed a shopkeeper beating a servant. This time, without hesitation, Marspa stepped in to protect the servant from harm. Afterwards, Imina appeared confused and inquired about the apparent contradiction in Marspa's actions, why he did nothing on Nal Hutta, but showed no hesitation to step in on Ord Mantell.

To this Marspa responded that, provided he had the authority to do so, he would have liberated every slave in Hutt space. Unfortunately, the Republic was well aware of the slavery situation in Hutt space, and as an envoy from the Republic he could not take any action on a Hutt occupied planet until an official stance was taken by the Republic. However, on Ord Mantell, such behavior was not condoned and thus he had a responsibility to protect the servant. Marspa however stated that once the Republic decided to do something about the slavery in Hutt space, he would support its abolition wholeheartedly.