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Nia was a youngling Jedi at the end of the Clone Wars. When Darth Sidious issued Order 66 making the Jedi enemies of the Republic, Nia and a group of other younglings were forced to go into hiding to escape certain death at the hands of clonetroopers. With a dozen other younglings, Nia joined up with the captain of a salvage ship, Hurd Coyle. Using the salvage angle as cover, the responsibility fell to Hurd to smuggle Nia and the rest of the younglings to safety. Hurd had also salvaged a number of battledroids from the Clone Wars and reprogrammed them to protect his ship and its cargo.

However, Nia and the Jedi's cover was almost blown when Captain Hurd discovered a disabled V-19 Torrent Starfighter drifting in space. When Hurd brought the starfighter aboard, the captain discovered that the clonetrooper pilot still lived and brought him to the ship's sick bay to recuperate. The pilot went by the designation HOB-147, and when he awoke was alarmed to find Hurd's battledroids guarding the ship. Fighting against Hurd's reprogrammed droids, HOB-147's attack was finally stopped when Hurd hit the clonetrooper with an electrodart. Securing HOB-147 with an ankle-cable, Hurd brought the clonetrooper up to speed on the current status of the war, including Order 66, which HOB-147 did not receive since it was issued after the disabling of his starfighter.

As the clonetrooper waited in Hurd's holding cell, youngling Nia left the Jedi's hiding place in the cargo hold and explored the ship through its vents and ducts. Eventually, Nia stumbled upon the clonetrooper who alerted to her presence. Before the trooper could get any answers out of Nia, Hurd hit the trooper again with an electrodart and escorted Nia back to the Jedi's hiding place chastising her along the way. Curious at what was going on, the trooper broke free from the holding cell seeking out young Nia once more. Besting the super battledroid guarding the cargo hold, HOB-147 entered only to be ambushed by Nia and the other Jedi.

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