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Because Nia and the younglings had not been on the front lines, they only heard rumors of the clonetroopers treachery, and many of the younglings were wary of HOB-147. Yet Nia was bold enough to approach HOB inquiring as to whether all clonetroopers were bad. Before HOB could answer, a contingent of clonetroopers boarded Captain Hurd's ship suspecting that such ships were being used to smuggle Jedi to the Outer RIm to safety. Luckily, HOB-147 stepped in ensuring the commander that the ship was nothing more than a salvage vessel and that no Jedi were on board. HOB-147's actions confirmed Nia's belief that not all clonetroopers were bad and allowed Captain Hurd to fulfill his mission of protecting the Jedi and smuggling them to safety.

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