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Taselda was a humanoid Jedi Knight with raven-black hair sometime before the Jedi Purge, during which Emperor Palpatine hunted down and destroyed the Jedi Knights. Taselda was one of the first Jedi Knights to travel to the remote planet of Nam Chorios, a harsh planet marked by its rocky deserts, and voracious insects known as drochs. There are conflicting stories of how Taselda came to be on the planet of Nam Chorios. One theory that she preferred to believe was that she was sent there at the request of her Master.

Another that is probably more likely, was that she and her fellow Jedi, Beldorian, traveled to Nam Chorios to hone their Force skills, as Nam Chorios had an unusual concentration of the Force. Beldorian was a Hutt Jedi, with a high affinity to the Force for a Hutt, but almost no control over his powers. On Nam Chorios he hoped to find something that would give him the help he needed. However, either way Taselda managed to come to the yellow planet, Taselda was distraught at the living conditions there for its inhabitants, most likely the descendants of some early colonists. Hoping to give them some kind of order and direction, Taselda eventually served as a leader of the planet's main city, Hweg Shul.

Taselda held this post for some two hundred years, but she could not escape her companion's thirst for power and growing impatience with his inability to control his use of the Force. Taselda did everything she could to prevent Beldorian from gaining power, but in the end, he proved triumphant and managed to steal Taselda's lightsaber, which somehow gave him an improved use of the Force. Beldorian, because of his Hutt features, always struggled with the construction of a lightsaber, but, whether it was the confidence Beldorian got when he held it in his hands, or some higher power, Beldorian managed to gain a sizable control over his Force powers. With this, Beldorian set himself up as the planet's rudimentary ruler. Taselda attempted to usurp his power, but was always defeated in the end. She was unable to construct a second lightsaber, and was forced to live out her life in desolate Hweg Shul.

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