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However, the enforcers of the crime boss were able to overpower Oss, but before they could inflict serious harm, Thon rushed to his aide, bringing a quick end to the conflict and repelling the attackers. Seeing that he was easily beaten, the crime boss quickly retreated, leaving Thon, Nomi, and Oss to be properly introduced. Nomi Sunrider was surprised to learn that the strange creature, resembling a beast of burden, was in fact Jedi Master Thon, and that he would be her instructor.

Also surprising to Nomi, for months after she arrived, Thon ignored Nomi, offering no instruction to her whatsoever. But Thon understood that Nomi had recently suffered a great loss, and she was still very confused about the strange turn her life had taken. Thon gave Nomi time to herself to grieve her husband's death and to accept her new role as a Jedi Knight.

During Nomi's time of bereavement, Thon took the time to meditation, and continuing the instruction of Oss. Eventually Thon felt that Oss was strong in the Force and was ready to serve the galaxy as a Jedi Knight. Thon, Nomi, and Oss were visited by Jedi Knight Tott Doneeta who had come to gather Oss for a mission to the planet of Onderon to help the citizens of the walled city of Iziz. When Oss left, Thon and Nomi were given the privacy he enjoyed when he first studied under Thon. During Thon's meditation, he was presented with images of a growing evil throughout the galaxy, and was presented with possible futures concerning that evil, futures that would call on all Jedi Knights, especially Nomi Sunrider, who would be remembered by the Jedi Knights for generations.

These visions convinced Thon that it was time he began her training. A major obstacle that Thon had to overcome was Nomi's reluctance to becoming a Jedi; for she was still affected by the events surrounding the death of her husband, where she was forced to kill some of her attackers. Through discussion and the use of a Jedi holocron Thon was able to ease Nomi's concerns a bit, but he felt that she still hadn't accepted the deepness and commitment being a Jedi offered. During one lesson, the crime boss Nomi had so much history with returned to Ambria, but this time with firepower and reinforcements.

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