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Tak-Tak was one of the few Whipid Jedi Knights to come out of the Order, joining K'Kruhk and Jempa in representing their species. Tak-Tak was a member of the Bergruutfa Clan, along with the young Jedi, Allara and Banz. Together, the six members of the clan were collectively apprenticed to the Abyssin Jedi Master, Quarmall. In the waning days of the Old Republic, the Separatist crisis in the decade preceding the Clone Wars not only stretched thin the ranks of the Jedi, but saw an increased loss of life of the Knights of the Order.

When the Clone Wars broke out, the Jedi saw the death toll rise even more, and many feared that Jedi were dying too faster than the Masters could train new ones. Many feared they would soon reach a crisis of their own as there would be too few Knights to sustain both the war and the Order itself. That is why Jedi Master Quarmall took it upon himself to train Tak-Tak and the five other members of the Bergruutfa Clan to guard against this threat. While it was controversial and against tradition, few could argue that the Jedi desperately needed to supplement their ranks.

Training under Master Quarmall, Tak-Tak and the clan found themselves traveling aboard a Mon Calamari star cruiser during the Clone Wars. Unfortunately, the cruiser was targeted by General Grievous, the Separatist's cyborg general. Boarding the ship with a contingent of battle droids, Grievous slaughtered everyone aboard, including Master Quarmall. Before the fighting began, Quarmall hid Tak-Tak and the young Jedi in a storage closet, but a quick sensor scan revealed the Padawans presence to Grievous. They were subsequently claimed by the general and kept as prisoners of war.

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