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Banz was a tow-headed Padawan of the Old Republic during the time of the Clone Wars. He was a member of the Bergruutfa Clan, which also included the firey Allara, the Whipid Padawan, Tak-Tak, and three other young Jedi. The entire clan was apprenticed to the Abyssin Jedi, Master Quarmall. It was a situation that, while controversial among the Jedi with regards to their rules about Masters and Padawans, was also overlooked. The Separatist crisis and the Clone Wars that followed severely drained the ranks of the Jedi and many feared their rapidly shrinking numbers. No one could argue with Quarmall that more Jedi was a bad thing, and thus he was allowed to continue.

During a trip aboard a Mon Calamari battleship, General Grievous attacked killing everyone aboard, including Jedi Master Quarmall. Before the fighting began, the Jedi Master hid Banz and the rest of the Bergruutfa Clan in a storage closet. However, a quick sensor sweep led Grievous right to the young Jedi, whom he subsequently kidnapped for his own dark purposes. After a quick stop on Gentes in the Anoat system to raze an entire city to the ground, including its Ugnaught citizens, Grievous took Banz and the Jedi to the moon of Belsus where he maintained a base of operations.

There, Grievous began work on prototype exoskeletons that utilized the same technology that kept him alive. Grievous wanted to use Banz and the Padawans to create his personal army of Force-wielding soldiers, strengthened by the materials that made him such a formidable warrior. The procedure would require the same bodily modifications that Grievous was forced to suffer; if the young Jedi were to avoid the same fate, they had to escape from Belsus soon. While Banz and the clan were led by Allara in an escape attempt, the Jedi Knights Flynn Kybo, Codi Ty, and Ty's Master, B'Dard Tone were working on a rescue mission of their own.

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